Top 5 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations!

5 Best DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas!

December is here and its time to bid good bye to 2015. The year went by so fast but I’m excited for all the Christmas and NYE celebrations.I’ve always been a D-I-Y girl and with Christmas right around the corner there is so much inspiration around. I’ve been experimenting over the years and if you are running short of DIY Christmas decor ideas for your home then worry not and keep reading.

Best DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

Best DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

Top 5 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas DIY Decoration Advent Calender Boxes

Christmas DIY Decoration: Advent Calender Boxes

Christmas Countdown: Many of us get excited for December since it spells Christmas and a merry time. So, why not make this wait a bit more fun??? Take out some of your empty containers and boxes collected over the years. Prettify these boxes by either painting them in bright hues or wrapping them in gift papers and use bright ribbons to tie bows on them. Finally mark these boxes in numbers and arrange them sequentially and you’ll have your very own advent calender. This not only amps up the excitement but is also a great Christmas room decor idea.

Easy Christmas Decor Table Lamp

Easy Christmas Decor: Bottle Lamp

Re-cycle bottles: This is one of the easiest and my most favorite DIY Christmas decoration ideas. All you need are some empty wine/beer/glass bottles and some fairy lights. Take a bottle and put the string of led/fairy lights in them. Connect it to the power plug and voila you have super affordable DIY table lamps ready. Put them around your Christmas tree and it will make it look all the more pretty and festive.

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Christmas DIY Ideas Lights Bulb Snowmen

Christmas DIY Ideas: Lights Bulb Snowmen

DIY Christmas Ornaments Glitter Baubles

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Glitter Baubles

DIY Christmas Ornaments: If you have old glass bulbs lying around then you can jazz them up as your Christmas ornaments. There is so much you can do with bulbs, paint them, spray them, add glitter to them. You can even paint them white and draw cute snowmen! Once done, tie a thread to the mount and hang them.on your tree.

Easy DIY Christmas Decor Cinnamon Candle Stand

Easy DIY Christmas Decor: Cinnamon Candle Stand

DIY Cinnamon Sticks Candle Stand: This DIY Christmas decoration combines 2 of my favorite things together- cinnamon and candles. Everyone loves cinnamon and you must be having the sticks at home. Take cinnamon sticks and tie them together with a beautiful ribbon around any candle.Try different size of cinnamon sticks to make it look more exotic. Light these up at night and your house won’t only look festive but will also smell amazing.

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Christmas DIY Decorations Salt Snow Jar

Christmas DIY Decorations: Salt Snow Jar

DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations Ideas

DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations Ideas

DIY Christmas Jars:  Take a plain bottle, glass or a jar. Put some good amount of
salt in it and fill at least three-fourth of the container with it. Now, add some branches or flowers in it. If you want you can also add tiny candles to it and light them up. Put it in the middle of your dining table or just at the entrance door. This is a great and easy DIY Christmas decorative jar idea.

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These were some of the DIY ideas from my desk for Christmas. What do you think?? Share your DIY ideas and how you are going to celebrate Christmas with us. Also, if any you try any of these DIYs don’t forget to share a pic.

Guest Post By Pallavi