Soul Sundays: HBM 911 Vol 3.0

Agony Aunt India:Soul Sundays: HBM 911 Vol 3.0

Hello Girlies,

Yesterday was Karwa Chauth & I hope all you beautiful ladies are well fed now. Everything about Karwa Chauth is so interesting that I wanted to keep one..for my long life :p But anyway the GM diet drained me out and I’m done with anything that does not involve desserts! Anyhoo, its time for another soul sunday where we provide answers to your agonies! You can send us your issues/questions here and Mia & I will answer them every Sunday!

So let move on to the questions we got this week.

Agony Aunt: How To Deal With Body Odour

Agony Aunt: How To Deal With Body Odour

There is this girl in my class who sits next to me and she has terrible body odour issues. Its gotten unbearable for me and I want to let her know. How do I go about it without ruining our friendship or offending her.

I think a lot of people have gone through this be it body odour, bad breath or smelly socks(especially in the gym) Personally Mia & I have also faced this a lot and from the least expected people- Imagine having a stinking bf lol

First of all, you can just go upto her and tell her , baby you stink 😀 And if that’s not how you roll here are a few subtler ways of letting her know so.
Gift her a bottle of perfume, wait for a couple of days and if she starts using it then make sure you compliment her so that she continues keeping body odour at bay. If not, then ask her to try out the perfume you gifted since you think it would suit her personality well. Keep pestering her until she starts using it.

Incase you prefer talking it out instead of spending your money on them then there are 2 way to go about it. First is talking about it in the third person. Cook up a character and talk about how annoying it is to smell their stink everyday. Let her know what a big turn off it is and how you wished people followed personal hygiene a little more seriously.

Secondly, you could just politely let her that it is kind of unpleasant being next to her and you would greatly appreciate it if she could carry a deodorant. Who knows instead of getting offended she might actually consider you as a true friend for pointing it out.

Agony Aunt India: How To Deal With a Slow Eater

Agony Aunt India: How To Deal With a Slow Eater

I have this friend at work who is a really slow eater. She eats so slowly that I literally fall asleep at the table waiting for her to finish. It is extremely irritating and it takes hours out of my work timings because of which we can’t even go out since it would take forever to come back. Help me out girls!

Easiest way to deal with any issue is to avoid it, nip it in the bud. Try finding yourself another lunch buddy who has equal respect for time as you or chews faster for that matter. Or you could also do the opposite and add a slower eating lunch buddy to the table as payback for all the times you fell asleep waiting for her to finish up.
FYI, I have no idea why Mia was guffawing while suggesting this, me thinks she prbobaly did this with someone. Hmm

Yes, you can always talk it out as well but since you are colleagues and unless you are close friends I would suggest against it as there is a huge possibility of the person getting peeved with it.

If you have any queries or issues then feel free to contact HBM 911 🙂