Soul Sundays: HBM 911 Vol 1.0

Ello Girles,

Thank you so much for the great response to HBM 911 and letting Mia & I be a part of your life. We had quite a number of people write in to us which was a bit surprising and extremely humbling at the same time. We went through all of your issues but we can only take up a few every week. Keep watching this space every Sunday as we might feature it the next time. So here we go..

HBM 911- Best Agony Aunts India

HBM 911- Best Agony Aunts India

betaaaaa meri umar ho gyi. tere chacha ghaas tak ni dalte. bas akhbaar leke sara din khali chai ka cup hath mie leke baithe rehte. batao kya karu? – Chachi Champa

Dear Chachi Ji, first of all thank you for sending us our first question and such a hilarious one at that. Mia and I laughed so hard at it for a straight 20 minutes. No Kidding!

Dekhiye, Chachi Ji pls stop making such great tea that Chacha Ji likes it so much that forgets that you’re there. Secondly, fire the newspaper boy and go buy yourself a nice lipstick and bindi with that money. Put on Jalebi Bai on the system, belt out your booty shaking moves and you’ll have chacha ji grooving with you in no time.

HBM 911- Relationship Advice

HBM 911- Relationship Advice

Afterall, what chance does the chai have against Jalebi Bai? 😉
PS: I guess this was someone having fun with us but it was just so hilarious that we HAD to feature it.

I am 17 and NONE of the guys look at me. I want them to pay attention to me just as much as they do with the other girls. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I want to know what’s the hype all about. Pls help me with some tips- Girl Looking For Advice

HBM 911: How To Attract Boys

HBM 911: How To Attract Boys

This is an issue every girl goes through at some point of her life and I think (even though she never confirms it) Mia has gone through this 7 times 😀

First of all, stop looking for a boyfriend. That’s a completely wrong way to go about it. Guys will come running to you once you are yourself and confident in your own skin. Nothing attracts a guy more than a spunky girl sprinkled with a great sense of humour. Now I know what you will say. I don’t have a good sense of humour but trust me everyone has a Charlie Chaplin or should I say a Kapil Sharma in them. Its when we put pressure on ourselves or try too hard to be funny that the humour goes for a toss. The easiest and the best thing is to be yourself and you’ll have great guys coming your way.

Till then appreciate your girlfriends. They are the soul mates that will be there for you throughout life even if you want to dye your hair blue at midnight, infact they will be the ones holding up your hair for you to bleach it.

Treasure them and enjoy your college life to the fullest with your amazing buddies as it truly is the best phase of your life. Go out bird watching or should I say dog watching. Incase you still didn’t understand, I meant guy watching DUH. Eat to your heart’s content without worrying about getting fat, have pajama parties, shop till you drop and don’t forget to bargain. Wondering how to a bargain at a store- I think that requires an exclusive post by Mia- the Bargaining Queen.

Anyway, I’m getting a bit off track here, what I mean to tell you is one does not need a guy to have fun so go out there and enjoy your life. Gah! I feel so old now.

Thats all for now. Keep your queries coming and we’ll see you next week! XOXO – Lia & Mia ♥
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