My Khoobsurat Moment Vol 3.0

Indian Beauty Blog: My Khoobsurat Moment Vol 3.0

Ever since I was a pre-teen I have LOVED playing up with my eyes. Be it with a humble kajal or eyeshadows, I have always enjoyed experimenting with different looks. I believe this holds true for many of us. Every time we have a party, an event or wedding in our family besides the outfits we tend to focus a lot over our eyemakeup. This is the case with me as well but nowadays I spend more time on my hair.

Well my hair always demanded time as it used to be very unmanageable and frizzy but after coloring my hair, it has never looked better. I colored my hair with L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss which took under 20 minutes at home and has made my tresses so pretty and glossy that it inspires me to experiment with my hair. It is funny how something we always believed leads to hair damage has actually led me to love my hair. If you want to know how best to choose a shade that matches with your skin tone you can lean how on Get The Look

Indian Beauty Blog: My Khoobsurat Moment!

Indian Beauty Blog: My Khoobsurat Moment!

Well anyway, I decided to do something different with my hair for an event I had to attend recently and I started off by trying my hand at different hairstyles. Whatever I did, my mom absolutely loved and in the end I settled upon an “accidental bun” which BTW is my own creation. Lisha’s accidental bun. Yep that’s what I’m calling my masterpiece. Ha ha so here is how it turned out.

I put all my hair to one side and did a tiny braid on the other. Then I decided to put the hair in a low bun but it ended up looking too polished! So I took out my fringes, curled them a bit and voila I had a beautiful, messy yet classy hairdo.

At the event everybody complimented me on my hair and I couldn’t help but feel khoobsurat. A couple of them even wanted me to explain exactly how I did my hair and trust me nothing feels better than getting compliments from another woman. I had a khoobsurat evening that day and I’m so glad that coloring my hair has inspired me to experiment with my mane.

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