Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review & Swatch

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Its getting extremely cold here in Delhi and that means more dryness for my lips. Do you know even my lip balms seem to have frozen up?? :'( Anyhoo I’m going to review the Maybelline gloss that I’ve been turning to alot these days due to its hydrating texture- Maybelline Lip Polish Shade 9! Uh why didn’t they name these,again? It feels so weird calling them by a number like Kaedi No 1,Kaedi No 2′ :p  Don’t forget to check out all the swatches of the Maybelline Lip Polishes Here & Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13 Review Here

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review Swatch

Product Description

1)Potent Color Extracts: Pure saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color like a lipstick.
2)Concentrated Liquid Balm: Moisturizing Liquid Conditioning Balm gets the lips ready for 3)Intensely Rich color. Gives a soft Cushiony feel & care to the lips.
4)Glossy Shine Serum: Built-in glossy top-coat, that makes lips look fuller & more luscious.
5)Specially designed Leaf-shaped applicator which makes application quick & precise.

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review Price IndiaMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review & Swatches

Price: ₹450
Available online at Nykaa

The Maybelline Lip polishes come in transparent rectangular tube with a silver cap. Due to the transparent packaging it is very easy to identify a particular shade especially if you own more than one. One thing that mum pointed out to me is the fact that it is shaped like a lipstick and indeed it is! It looks like lipstick with a silver base and a transparent cap. Very smart,I must say!

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review buy online indiaMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review & Swatch

The gloss comes with a leaf shaped sponge applicator which like claimed applies the product evenly and precisely. The quality is superb and I love the shape of it!

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review Swatch price indiaMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review & Swatch India

Shade 9 is a juicy and girly peachy pink with fine gold shimmer! I’m totally obsessed with such type of shades and it makes my lips look oh so yummy ,even if I say so myself :p Both pink and peach lovers will love this to the core especially young girls. If you’re looking for a juicy color that does not make you look old or mature then this is the one for you. Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 will easily suit suit light to medium skintone but might wash out the the dusky beauties!

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review

The reason why this has become HG gloss is because of the amazing texture. Yes,it is thick but it isnt sticky and hydrates my dry lips so well! Glam 9 feels very comfortable on the lips and keeps them well moisturized.

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Review aka Maybelline Color Elixirs IndiaMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review, Swatch & Price India

It gives a very glossy finish and I sort of feel it plumps up my lips though that could be because of the glossiness but it definitely adds that extra oomph to them! The only issue is that Glam 9 tends to settle into fine lines. Also, it does transfer onto things but then that is experienced with almost all glosses!

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 Swatch and ReviewMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review: Swatched Once!

Pigmentation & Staying Power
The Maybelline Lip Polishes are well pigmented and provide a pretty good coverage. These are not liquid lipsticks so they do not give an opaque finish but it will adequately cover pigmentation of lips.
The Lip Polishes also last a good amount of time. Glam 9 last for around 3-4 hours on me and fades evenly. It does survive a small snack or a drink but being a gloss it does not survive a full meal.

Maybelline lip Polish Glam 9 swatches Maybelline Glam 9 LipsMaybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 Review: Lip Swatches

Worth a try?
Are you kidding me? These are the best glosses I’ve tried in ages without it burning a hole in my purse pocket! I’d suggest you go check out all the Lip Polishes Swatches here and then go buy ATLEAST 3! Yep, they’re THAT good!Pros
1) A juicy peachy pink which looks very pretty and girly
2) Thick yet non sticky texture
3) Instantly hydrates the lips and feels very comfortable
4) Makes the lips very glossy and fuller
5) It is decently pigmented
6) Lasts a good amount of time and survives small snacks
7) Has a great quality applicator which applies the product evenly
8) Easily identifiable packaging which resembles a lipstick 😀

1) Tends to settle into fine lines

HBM Rating

HBM Recommendation: Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9 is a gorgeous peachy pink which adds juiciness and that much needed oomph to the lips. It is everything a gloss should be-glossy,hydrating,non-sticky and long lasting! Maybelline really hit the bull’s eye with this product and I highly recommend it unless it washes you out!