Has Sarojini Nagar Market Really Shut Down?

Are rumors about Sarojini Market closing true?

All the news on Sarojini Nagar Market shut down left us shocked. The first thing that came to our minds was where are we going to shop now? What will happen to the lyrics “Sarojini ke kapde pehenkar jati madam disco”, now?

But only when we thought, gone are those days of amazing trips to Sarojini Nagar Market, hours and hours of bargaining, finding beautiful dresses for just Rs.250, spending very little on the big fashion trends. We decided to skip work and run to see if it was true.

Srojni Nagar India Market Palace

Why is Sarojini Nagar Market closed?

No, it hasn’t SHUT DOWN.

The HBM team visited the market to investigate the truth and found out that a few hawkers and street vendors had been removed by the NDMC. They were illegally encroaching the space, making the market lanes smaller and more congested. However, others are still put. Yes, THANK THY LORD. By evacuating these illegal vendors they are trying to create space for the shoppers especially incase of an emergency.

Sarojini Market Closed

While some of us are praying for each and every single vendor to get back and sell all those trendy clothes and beautiful baubles, the others believe It’s okay if they don’t. They stated “Sarojini Nagar Market is a tiny market filled with shops and has barely any space to even walk.”

Sarojni Cheap Market Shopping

However, if you go to Sarojini Nagar Market right now, you will see relatively empty streets due to the removal of hawkers. Don’t fret, once you get deep into the market, the vendors are still selling with heavy crowd. The de-clutter of vendors is just a precaution taken for Independence Day. With Independence Day right around the corner, Delhi is on high alert, as per usual, and the market had to be cleared out so as to make way for ambulances, police vehicles, fire engines in case of emergencies. While some of the licensed street vendors and hawkers stay put, others have shifted to the shops.

Sarojni Nagar Chaep Shopping Palace

Sarojni Market

With the market still running strong, we suggest you to rush to Sarojini ASAP as the prices have dropped even further. Due to all the rumors and moving of shops, the vendors are selling the goods for a way cheaper price. I mean, THAT’S AN ADDED BONUS FOR ALL YOU LADIES! And yes, if you are looking for Adidas superstar originals dupes, you can find them there and for just Rs.850 .

If you have already been to Sarojini Nagar Market or are planning to go, do tell us your experience in the comments below.