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#DonateASelfie – ASUS Zenfone Selfie Phone!

I remember my mom telling me about the time when calling home to inform your family that you’ve safely arrived at your destination was a chore. You had to find a pay phone and then struggle to find change. You had to call your neighbour because your family didn’t have a telephone and your neighbours did. You timed your minutes and then made sure you didn’t run out of money to cover your phone call. Yeah, that still amazes me!

Soon, there started being mobile phones and the calling charges were super high. That was an era of missed calls. You held the end button like a grenade pin, ready to end the call before the others answered lest your bill be exorbitant. Ah the good old times.Until a couple of years ago, texting was a huge fad too. Mobile companies coming up with attractive SMS packs to lure us all in, calls were still considered pretty expensive and SMS lingo became an officially recognized language.

Indian Fashion Blogger Donate A Selfie

Indian Fashion Blogger Donate A Selfie

Now, even though the SMS-ing has died down, the call rates have dropped, with the advent of internet messaging and data packs getting cheaper, the likes of SMS have now become obsolete morphing into Whatsapping or IM. With Whatsapp and Viber, we can also call and save up on those calling bills.

Yet, there is still an empty feeling when you’re talking on the phone with someone you love, staring into space, though you hear their voice in your ears, you still wish you could see them, see their laugh when you tell a joke, share those secret eye looks when you look at your loved one. Staring at a text message doesn’t make it come alive, you still want to look at their face and see the joy in their eyes.

The world becomes a much better place when you can see emotion rather than hear or read it!! A camera phone does so much in bringing life to texts. A single selfie can convey so much more than a bunch of emoticons. The joy of seeing an image of your loved one in front of you beats reading a silly little text message any day!

Selfies have arrived to complete our lives. A best friend selfie to show you how much they mean to you. A traveller’s selfie to document important moments in your life. A party selfie to reminisce upon on that one fun night. A lovers’ selfie to remind yourself how lucky you are to have each other.A family selfie to be thankful to all that you have in life. Selfies are something that we all have to show us what life means to us. This is so beautifully depicted in the video below by ASUS. It was so endearing to see people #DonateASelfie for their loved ones.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie Phone Review

ASUS Zenfone Selfie Phone Review

Asus has come up with this wonderful initiative to help you connect better with your loved ones. Asus brings you the new Zenphone Selfie for you to take the best selfies ever. With a 13 Megapixel front camera with a front flash lets you put your best face forward even in low lighting!! ZenPhone Selfie comes with phenomenal selfie features such as a selfie panorama, beautifying features, gesture clicking, dual LED Real tone flash, Super HDR Technology for life like images andlaser autofocus for click that perfect selfie, every single time. You can buy your Zenfone Selfie here

So come on, #Donateaselfie today and see how the world lights up around you with just one Selfie!!

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