DIY: Easy Diwali Diya Hangings- Step by Step Tutorial!

How to make diya hangings for Diwali at home

Festive season is right around the corner and home decor is something which all of us spend a lot of time and money on. Why not make something beautiful that is not time consuming, economic and at the same time apt for Diwali yourself instead?. Diyas or dipaks are one of the main elements of Diwali and are considered very auspicious in Hindu tradition. So today, we bring an easy DIY for Diwali in which we show you how to make some beautiful diya hangings for your home.

DIY: Easy Diya Hangings for Diwali

Material Required for DIY Diya Hangings:

How To Make Decorative Diyas At Home Diwali Diy

How To Make Decorative Diyas At Home Diwali: DIY

  • 3-8 basic diyas (number depending on the length you want your hanging to be.)
  • A nail/screw
  • Wool/fancy lace, Moli dhaga
  • Acrylic paint colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Adhesive glue
  • Fancy stones/sequins/beads
Diy Decorative Diyas For Diwali Ideas

DIY Decorative Diyas For Diwali

Step 1
Soak the diyas in water for 24+ hours. Make sure that the number of diyas and amount of water is in the right proportion.(35-50ml water is sufficient for one diya). This will moisten the diyas which would make the next step easier.

Diy Diya Hangings For Diwali

Diy Diya Hangings For Diwali

Step 2
Take the diyas out of the container one by one and without letting them dry, make a hole in each of them by swirling the screw/nail through them. This task demands patience. Because the diyas are wet and moist, it is easier and the diyas would not break which would have been the case if we used a drilling machine or hammer. After piercing the diyas, let them dry.

Step 3
The fun part begins now .You can decorate these diyas as you like it. Paint them, wrap them with wool, moli and put fancy stones and shiny sequins. Make fun patterns and designs Once you are done with the decorating part, let the diyas be for a while so that the decoration settles and doesn’t come down while further working on the diyas.

Diy How To Make Diya Hangings At Home

DIY: How To Make Diya Hangings At Home

Step 4
Now take a string of wool or moli and pass it through the hole in the diya and tie knots on both the sides, put some beads and put another diya . You can put as many as you like. At the end you can put bells, mirrors etc.

Easy Diya Hangings For Diwali Tutorial

Easy Diya Hangings For Diwali Tutorial

Your beautiful and unique diya hangings are now ready. You can also add little LED bulbs to them and experiment all you want. Hang them at the entrance of your house or decorate your mandir with it, you are bound to get loads of compliments.


Contributed by Mansi Chaudhary