The Best Wedding Checklist For Every Bride: The Ultimate Last Minute Guide!

The Best Wedding Checklist & Guide For Every Bride To Be Before The D-Day!

So your wedding is just round the corner and we bet you get nervous just thinking about it. There must be so much to do right from your bridal trousseau shopping to fixing up the pre-bridal services, packing to ofcourse mentally preparing yourself to say goodbye to your home and family. Well worry not! We at Team HBM are here to make this time a little less stressful for you. This is the best wedding checklist for brides to be which will help organize some of the wedding madness for you.

There are a lot of things one should keep in handy to avoid a mess and to make your D-day go on smoothly. The post is divided into 2 parts: a checklist for a month before your wedding and a last minute bridal checklist!

The Best Checklist Guide For A Bride To Be

The Best Checklist & Guide For A Bride To Be For Her Wedding

The Best Wedding Check List For Bride’s To Be: The Ultimate Guide!

Makeup Trial: Forget the days when a look test was only applicable to cinema or television shows! Wedding is the biggest day of a bride’s life and every bride wants to look their best, right? So never take any risks with your bridal makeup. Nowadays most makeup artists and salons offer makeup trials which not only helps you decide which MUA to choose for your big day but also reduces the chances of ending up with a look you might not like. Take this time to discuss the sort of look you want for your wedding with the MUA. If you want any changes, never hesitate to tell him/her. If a makeup trial is not possible then make sure you go through some of their previous work and check their Facebook/Instagram testimonials.

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Wedding Checklist Bridal Makeup Trial

Wedding Checklist: Bridal Makeup Trial

Get the wedding dress fitted: To avoid any last minute mishaps or delays, it’s always best to get your wedding dress fitted at least a few weeks before the big day. No honey, you will not gain an insane amount of kilos and most certainly won’t lose any now. Make sure your cholis or blouses fit properly and the zips work smoothly. Many a times, the zip of the lehenga or blouses end up breaking on the day of the wedding (trust us, happens more often than you’d like to believe) which is every bride’s and makeup artist’s worst nightmare. Additionally, make sure you end up leaving some margin in your wedding dress in case you do need to get it altered later.

Thing To Do Before A Wedding For Brides

Bridal Checklist

Organize your jewellery: Weddings are incomplete without a bride flaunting her exquisite bridal jewellery. Never leave your jewellery shopping for the last minute as the wrong accessories can make even the most breathtaking lehengas or sarees look bad. Carefully decide what not only suits you the best but also compliments your wedding dress. This is best done atleast a month before your wedding once you’ve finally decided on your wedding attire.

Book the pre bridal services: Usually pre bridal treatments need to start more than a month in advance depending on the condition of your skin or the services being availed. Make sure you visit the salon of your choice a couple of months before the wedding to decide your package accordingly. Safe to say, it takes time to make the skin look better and glow and it will certainly not happen with last minute pampering.

Beauty Hair Checklist Guide For Bride To Be

Beauty Checklist & Guide For a Bride To Be

Shoe Shopping: Yes, when you are a bride, everyone will notice every inch of your look right down to the shoes. It can be quite a task finding something that compliments your attire but is equally comfortable. Hence, we suggest you start the search a little early on so that you can find your perfect yet comfortable Cindrella shoes for your wedding. It is also a better idea to wear it a few times before your wedding to test it out. The last thing you want on your wedding are shoe bites!

Best Wedding Checklist Guide For Bride On Wedding Trousseau

Best Wedding Checklist Guide For Brides

The Last Minute Bridal Checklist To Help a Bride Survive The Madness

Well time sure flies during this period and before you know it you’re already walking down the aisle towards your groom. Here is a last minute wedding guide for brides that will keep you covered for any and every emergency.

Top Wedding Checklist For Brides

Top Wedding Checklist For Brides

Pack your bags- Before the wedding madness begins and the relatives start pouring in from all corners of the country, make sure you pack your wedding trousseau. From your daily skin care essentials including a makeup remover to medicines and sanitary pads, towel to mobile charger, wet tissues to handkerchief and ofcourse your clothes and lingerie, make sure you do not miss out on anything. We would also suggest making a separate carry on handbag containing sample size skincare products, medicines, tampons, a pair of footwear, night wear and lingerie that you can take along with you. Usually the suitcases take time to reach the bride or can be a task rummaging through hence the carry on bag will come to your rescue. Appropriate lingerie is a must as nowadays most blouses and cholis have built in cups and the last thing you want to do is go commando in front of your in-laws. BTW, this did happen with one of our team mates so keep that in mind :p

Nowadays most of the marriages don’t take place at home. They are instead held at hotels, farmhouses or in another state if the bride and groom aren’t from the same place. So we are mentioning below the things a bride must keep in handy to get through any last minute hiccups.

Safety Pins: This is the most important thing a bride should keep in her bag. We’ve already told you how zips break or clothes can tear at the last moment. Safety pins will keep you sorted. Most probably, the salon or MUA would be having them in their stash but one can never be too careful. You might also need them to adjust the drapes of your duppatta or saree at the venue.

Hair Pins: Your hair dresser should be carrying all sorts of hair pins but just incase he/she forgets it at the last moment, you atl east won’t need to stress if you are already carrying them.

Best Bridal Checklist Guide On Makeup

Best Bridal Checklist

Prep the lips: Scrub your lips beforehand to avoid the lip color settling into fine lines. Additionally, make sure you keep you lips well moisturized and carry a lip balm. There is something always icky about applying a balm (even if sterilized) used on others and can also lead to infections. Another important thing is to carry a couple of shades of lipsticks that go well with your attire. Your MUA will definitely carry a few options but incase you’re not fond of them, you can always rely on your lippers. Also, this will help you touch up your lipstick whenever needed throughout the event.

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Hand Sanitizer: It is not possible for you to wash your hands with water several times at least on the wedding day. But if you care about personal hygiene and want your hands to be clean then carrying a hand sanitizer is a good option.

Ultimate Bridal Checklist Floral Hairdo

Ultimate Bridal Checklist

Flowers: If you have planned to decorate your hair with fresh flowers then don’t forget to have someone arrange it for you. Most importantly do not forget to carry them to the salon. Many brides tend to forget their hair accessories and ornaments at home which can lead to delays.

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Nail Filers: How many times have your nails chipped or broken on the day of a special occasion? Do we see you raising your hand? Well to avoid harsh edges of the nail, make sure you carry a nail filer just in case you do end up breaking one.

Tweezer: You probably must have gotten your threading/waxing done a few days in advance but it is always possible for a few unwanted hair strands to pop up. Carry a pair of tweezer, just in case!

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Mint: Well this is obvious, you don’t want to smell bad while greeting 100s of guests, do you?

Best Wedding Guide For Brides Before D Day

Best Wedding Guide For Brides

Contact Lens & Solutions: If you are planning to wear contact lens on your wedding day don’t forget to keep an extra pair and the solution handy, even if you wear them on a regular basis. It’s always best to be on the safer side incase you drop one of the lens.

Straws: Girls, straws are your best friend. Lets be honest, touching up your makeup isn’t so easy on your wedding day so its better to be a bit careful while drinking and eating. Use a straw when you want to drink something as this will keep the lipstick in place and won’t fade. Just inform your bestie or cousin to keep on reminding you since you might be a bit too nervous or excited to remember these little things.

Show the pearly whites: Indian weddings are full of emotions especially tears. But save the tears and enjoy the most memorable day of your life with a smile on your face.

Eat healthy, sleep well and do some exercise prior to your wedding day to look fresh and glowing! Hope you found this comprehensive wedding guide and checklist for brides helpful. Do let us know if we missed out on covering any point!

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