Best Hair Care Tips & Secrets From Indian Girls + Philips Giveaway Announcement

Natural Hair Care Tips & Secrets From Indian Girls

Hey Girlies,

We are so elated by the great response to our Valentine’s Day Contest which was held in association with Philips. There were sooo many great natural hair care tips shared by our readers and we had the hardest time choosing just one as the winner. The HBM team spent a full day verifying all entries and arguing over our favorites.

I believe most of them deserved to be shared and here are top & favorite hair care tips & tricks that we absolutely loved!!

Best Hair Care Tips & Secrets From Indian Girls

Best Hair Care Tips & Secrets From Indian Girls

Best Hair Care Tips & Tricks!

Mansi C.  I use homemade hair spray instead of using chemical ones. I make it by taking 2 cups of hot water and then adding 1 tablespoon each of salt, coconut oil and hair gel;. Trust me it holds the style perfectly. Tried and tested.
Ingenious, I must give it a try Mansi!

The Miss Shweta: I make my ponytail look fuller by using the hair clip trick.I pull my hair into a ponytail at the back of the crown of my head and secure it with a hair tie. Separate it into two sections (top and bottom), and with a small-to-medium sized claw hair clip, clip hair at the base of the ponytail, underneath the top section. Then I place the top section of hair over the clip and spray a bit of dry shampoo to get a fuller texture and hide the clip.

Sometimes we need to fake It Until We Make It;) True that, sista 😉

Chenar: On days when I don’t have the time to have a co-wash or wash, I resort to the crimping effect hairstyle, this is easy, just damp your hair a bit, make multiple thin braids and let it dry. After it has dries completely when you open these braids it looks like you have crimped your hair! This is a very cool method as it adds volume to your hair.
Hi5. I do this all the time.

Bhavya N. I have straight hair but not everyday do I wake up with straight and manageable hair. Sometimes I just wake up with frizzy &unmanageable hair. Undoubtedly, there are ‘bad hair days’.. Sometimes the trick is to give my ‘messy hair a messier look’ by making a messy bun. No one can then make out that my hair are ‘messy because of messy bun’ or ‘messy bun made my hair messy.’ Either way, I shine..Hehe..

But at times to control frizz while going out, I just use this technique which I learnt few years back. For this technique, I just need a mascara wand and some hairspray and my problem gets solved magically. I took the wand from an old mascara that I don’t use anymore and cleaned it properly. I spray a small quantity of hairspray to it and then take the pieces of hair that are frizzy and start brushing them with the mascara wand until they get straight and I can observe the difference . The great thing about this trick is that I can always carry a small bottle of hairspray in my bag with a mascara wand and fix my problem wherever I am in just a few minutes. The mascara wand works as a magic wand for me. That is the smart trick I use to get the perfect hair do.

Natural Hair Care Tips & Secrets

Natural Hair Care Tips & Secrets

Best Natural Hair Care Tips

Neha Balihar: Coconut milk treatment – extract milk from 1 coconut by first grating and then
blending the coconut. Add the juice of 1 fresh lime to this. Mix well and keep in the refrigerator. Next day a creamy layer has formed – use this on hair and scalp. Cover the head with a hot towel and keep for an hour. Wash with water and comb with a wide toothed comb.

Vaishali Jain: Being around the wedding season in recent days, I got little upset with partition gap of my hairs. I wanted to have that models look with fully covered hair. Thanks to google who sorted my this problem with a very handy solution.Applying eye shadow similar to your hair colour will work wonders and hide the gap between partitions of hairs.
I tried it recently, I can now vouch for it 🙂

Now, we went back and forth while choosing the winners and ultimately this lovely lady won us over with her sense of humour!

HBM Valentine's Day Contest Winner

HBM Valentine’s Day Contest Winner


The winning entry!
Dollie Solanki:
Here’s my smart trick for the perfect hair do: Give both the boys their iPads, go to the salon and get your hair shampooed and blow dried! Lol. For a mom of two hyperactive boys, getting a perfect hairdo at home is Mission Impossible…..without Tom Cruise ;p . Perhaps the Philips Air Straightener would change that into Mission Possible.

Congrats Dollie! Pls send across your complete postal address to

For those who didn’t win, pls don’t lose heart. We’ll be back again with a fabulous giveaway soon!