Avene Introduces D- Pigment Dark Spot Corrector – Price & Details

Avene presents a new line of product that corrects localised and widespread dark spots, uneven skin tone and prevents new dark spots from appearing the Avene D- Pigment spot corrector is now launched in India.  If you’re worried about dark spots marring your beautiful, flawless skin, then you’ll surely want to know more about Avène Dermatological Laboratories’ new and effective solution for the treatment of localised and widespread dark spots.

D-Pigment is one-of-a-kind solution that corrects localised & widespread dark spots, uneven skin tone and prevents new dark spots from appearing! Dermatologists have confirmed that D-Pigment shows an 81 per cent reduction in such pigmentation from the first month on!. While you can simply use D-Pigment to get rid of those dark spots and prevent new ones from appearing. The price of the Avene D- Pigment is Rs 1350 

Avene D Pigment Dark Spot Corrector Review, Price & Buy Online India

Avene D Pigment Dark Spot Corrector Review, Price & Buy Online India

The Science: Exactly how D-Pigment works…

Avène Dermatological Laboratories drew inspiration from a preparation with proven efficacy in treating hyper-pigmentation – the Kligman’s trio.D-Pigment is therefore active on several levels, using a precise selection of three actives having similar mechanism and action profile. While the Kligman’s Trio comprises Hydroquinone (Phenol), Retinoic Acid and Dexamethasone, D-Pigment uses Melanyde (Phenylethyl resorcinol), Retinaldehyde and Pre-tocopheryl , an as efficient but non-aggressive option !

Melanyde is a depigmenting agent, which carries out targeted action on the melanocyte, the cell responsible for melanin synthesis. It has a double action: it inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme that controls melanin synthesis & it slows melanin synthesis. Retinaldehyde carries out targeted action on the second cell involved in pigmentation – the keratinocyte. It stimulates cell renewal at the skin surface and therefore facilitates epidermal turnover. Through this action, it helps eliminate cells full of melanin from the surface of the skin, thus improving the distribution of melanin in the epidermis (evening out, with a lightening effect on the skin). Pre-tocopheryl is a potent anti-oxidising agent, which slows melanin production. D-Pigment’s composition combines the efficacy of the trio of depigmenting actives with the anti-irritant and soothing properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water. Dark spots are visibly reduced and skin tone becomes lighter.

About Avène 
The Avène Dermatological Treatment Centre in France, owned by the Pierre Fabre Group, has specialised in the dermatological treatment of sensitive skins for more than two centuries. Avène’s range of hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic cosmetic dermatology products guarantees quality in terms of rigorously selected raw materials, products made and controlled according to the strictest standards, tests conducted by dermatologists on sensitive skins and its own cosmetovigilance committee.

Understanding your skin may be the most critical element of keeping it healthy. Whether you have normal or sensitive skin, AVENE soothing and calming formulas address multitude of skin concerns from Sun protection, Anti-Ageing, Whitening to Anti-Acne.

Avène is a French Brand of Dermocosmetic. Leader of the market in Europe, the products are now available in India at leading chemist stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Thane.