Soul Sundays: HBM 911 Vol 5.0

HBM 911- Get online advice on how to approach a girl you like and deal with a friend who is a showoff!

Foreword by Mia: Heylo Everyone, did you miss HBM 911?? Well there is a big fat reason behind why there was a hole in your Sundays this past fortnight. You see HBM 911 is by Lia and Mia, and while Mia was literally MIA, there wasn’t a way to do it. Guess what? I broke my leg…!!! And that’s the reason why HBM 911 was off air since Lia & I couldn’t get discuss thanks to the drug induced me. Today’s HBM 911 is a little heartbreaking for me since for the first time, Lia and Mia are doing it while apart from each other. Well, here’s wishing me a speedy recovery and you a happy healthy life. Now lets move on the queries we received this week.

Free Relationship Advice Online: How to approach a girl you like

Free Relationship Advice Online: How to approach a girl you like

There is this really beautiful girl in my office and I’ve been wanting to approach her for a long time. The issue is that she is from a different department and I can’t just go up to her and strike a conversation. Please help. Anonymous

Drama queen Mia had a lot of things to say about this question, some really freaking hilarious ones being, trip over something and fall into her arms ( umm Mia, it’s a GUY ๐Ÿ˜› ).

If being in different departments is the hindrance, do not let it be. There has to be some way that your department is linked with hers, since every department at some point of time would need to be in touch with the other, and you could totally find some sort of work to do there and specifically with her.

Another vastly weird stalker-like suggestion Mia gives is, if you guys use Microsoft Outlook, sync it with your phone, Call her up and ask her who it is and say, “Outlook misbehaved, I now have no idea who my contacts are” and get talking. Though I do not agree with this as it might be cute if a girl does it but for a guy that would bring up my red flags and make me think you’re a stalker. Since Mia insists its one of her greatest ideas I decided to mention it (had no other choice as it is)

But seriously though, all these ideas might be fun to read but are definitely not practical enough or effective enough to be implemented. All I can say is that if you really like this girl, go ahead and tell her that. Build up your courage, get ready to face whatever the outcome might be. The maximum she can do is say no, but there is always a chance that she might say yes too. If that is a little too bold then try strike up a conversation about random things, try to find topics that interest her and focus on them. Who knows she might like your company and you could totally take it forward, say over a cup coffee? ๐Ÿ™‚

Get Advice On Personal Problems: How to deal with a person/friend who is a showoff

Get Advice On Personal Problems: How to deal with a person/friend who is a showoff

I have a friend who is like one of my closest friends, but she is a pretentious bitch and cannot seem to stop showing off. It gets annoying after hearing fifteen continuous minutes about how much her new “Gooocheee” handbag costs. I’m pretty well off myself, but not so much that I can spend on “Gooocheees” every day. Help me deal with her- Swati

Ughhh I totally get the feeling. These show off people so get on my nerves too. And the worst situation to be in is when one of your closest friends does the showing off. Unfortunately, there is no correct way to deal with such people unless you want to ditch them completely and find a new friend.

If you really think that you and your friend are close enough that she would take free advice and not be offended by it, go ahead and shove it on about how much you hate that she rants about her “GooChee” when all you really want to rant is about how your “Bata” doesn’t last long enough. I think you can still rub it in even if she does really mind. Trust me it will give you the ultimate satisfaction to see her be horrified that you would compare her Gucci to your Bata ๐Ÿ˜›

Another most effective way to deal with it is be amused that she needs to complain/talk/rant about her expensive purchases in order to deal with the guilt of having to purchase it in the first place. Have a hearty laugh on the inside while listening to her go on and on about her stuff. Think of it as buyer’s guilt and have fun with how much she rants taking it to be equivalent to the amount of guilt she has.

All in all, if she is worth a penny to you as a friend, she should be able to understand it either way that you are getting annoyed. If she doesn’t get it, ditch her, you deserve a much better friend to your needs.

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