20 Best Small Tattoos Designs & Inspiration: 2016 Trendlist

Latest Small Tattoo Designs & Pictures 2016

When I got my first tattoo I was 18, and I didn’t know what to get. I just wanted to get inked. All I knew was that I didn’t want to get a chunky flower or a huge butterfly on my body. So, instead I got my own name tattooed. Yes! I did it. I thought it was cool back then. I’m not ashamed of it now, but I wish I had some inspiration for my first tattoo.
2016 welcomed the trend of minimalism which means to be meaningful and useful in little. And so are the tattoo trends in 2016. Small, elegant, realistic yet meaningful. Gone are the days of big unreal butterflies or tacky flowers or quotes in huge lettering, Team HBM brings you the ultimate inspiration for your new tattoo.

Best Small & Meaningful Tattoo Designs, Pictures & Inspiration

1. Flowers: Small Tattoo Designs
‘While getting a tattoo, everyone thinks of a flower. Of blooming from a seed, in dirt, into something beautiful and so extravagant.’
Getting realistic and small flowers tattooed on the body is major 2016 Flower Tattoo Trend and is very popular when it comes to first time small tattoos.

Beautiful Flower Tattoos For Women Instagram

Beautiful Flower Tattoos For Women

Girly Rose Tattoo Instagram Ribs

Girly Rose Tattoo : Small Tattoos

Best Small Tattoo Designs 2016

Best Small Tattoo Designs 2016

Small Flower Tattoo Designs Tumblr

Small Flower Tattoo Designs

2. Galaxies: Small Meaningful Tattoo Designs
‘There is something about galaxies, maybe it is that nobody knows a lot about them. Maybe their unfathomable depths.’
Galaxies with 2016, became way too famous. And so did tattoos with galaxies. These small, minimalist galaxy tattoos are so beautiful that you would want to get one now!

Small Meaningful Tattoo Pinterest Images

Small & Meaningful Tattoo

Small Tattoo With Galaxy Symbols Designs

Small Tattoo With Galaxy Symbols Designs

Best Cute Small Tattoos For Girls Galaxy

Best Small Tattoos For Girls

Small Girly Galaxy Tattoos For Girls Inspiration

Small Girly Tattoos

3. Quotes Tattoos For Women
‘The reason to get a quote or a word written for forever on the body is to remind one every day of better things in life.’
Getting inspirational quotes on your body in huge – wedding card like fonts is so last year now! 2016 Tattoo Quotes are not only meaningful but also written in a basic, small font or a handwriting of somebody close.

Tattoo Design Latest Trend

Tattoo Design: Latest Trend

Small Girly Pinterest Tattoos

Small Girly Tattoos

Small Meaningful Tattoos For Girls

Small Meaningful Tattoos For Girls

Best Cute Small Tattoo Ideas

Cute Small Tattoo Ideas

20 Top Cute & Girly Tattoo Designs & Pictures

4. Small Tattoos for the Traveller
‘Travel does not only mean going to places, but also renewing yourself. It helps you learn who you are, develops adventure and skills.’
People love to travel, and hence want travelling tattoos. 2016 Travel Tattoo Trends are elegant yet says a lot about you! Here are our top four small, cute and feminine tattoos.

Best Small Tattoo For Travellers

Best Small Tattoo For Travellers

Small Beautiful Women Tattoos

Small Beautiful Women Tattoos

Heart Women Tattoos Travel

Women Tattoos

Small Beautiful Women Tattoos Designs

Beautiful Tattoos Designs

5. Animals: Cute Small Tattoo Designs
‘You don’t have to be a zoologist or an animal lover to get these tattoos. You just have to be a human who accepts the coexistence of animals.’
Butterfly tattoos are very common among women, this realistic butterfly is cute and small.

Small Tattoo Design With Meaning

Small Tattoo Design

Small Birds Tattoos For Women Pinterest

Small Birds Tattoos For Women

Cute Tatto Design Of Pets

Cute Tatto Design Of Pets

Couple Design Tattoo Small

Couple Design Tattoo

These were some of the top and trending small tattoo designs which are meaningful for both men and women. Tell us in the comments down below which tattoo do you want now?