HBM 911

Got boyfriend troubles? Family drama? PMS driving you crazy? Queen Bee bullying you in School? Sibling Rivalry? And what not..!!
Fret not, Lia and Mia, your agony aunts, have you covered.

We aren’t counselors, this isn’t a counseling thing. We are going to be real and whatever we dish out might seem a little mean and you’ll probably find it funny(we have a great sense of humour, duh!) but then in the end it might just be a solution for your problem and could actually work out for you. We shall do this every Sunday so grab a cup of coffee and get ready for ‘Soul-Sundays’

Pour in your queries and have Lia and Mia sort them out for you. 😀
You can drop in your queries in the contact form below, keeping your identity as anonymous as you want 🙂

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