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While many enjoy the winter season it also brings with it a host of skin issues. From dry and itchy skin to dull and dehydrated lips, I know many tend to struggle with a lot of skincare issues. Personally, I have dry skin which worsens due to the low humidity levels and cold weather which strips away the moisture from the skin. So today, I’m going to share my favourite products from Himalaya that help my skin stay hydrated and nourished throughout the season.

Top Himalaya Products For Winters

Himalaya Lip Care: Strawberry, Peach & Litchi Lip Balms

Himalaya Lip Care range needs no introductions. Their lip balms are extremely popular and they recently launched 3 new flavours: Strawberry, Litchi & Peach. Yummy and exciting, right?

New Himalaya Lip Balms Price Review

The 3 new variants are tinted to provide a beautiful tint to the lips. They moisturize the lips to keep them soft and supple. All their lip balms have a beautiful moisture retention formula which makes the lips naturally glossy while the antioxidants and natural actives protect the lips from environmental damage.

Best Affordable Lip Balms India

Strawberry: A luscious soft red lip balm, it is enriched with strawberry seed oil which contains essential fatty acids which restores the moisture balance. It also has Apricot Kernal Oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E that helps chapped lips.
Peach: One of my favourites which gives a beautiful peach color to the lips. It contains peach oil and castor oil which has soothing emollient properties that keep the lips nourished and moisturized.
Litchi: A beautiful pink tint, this lip balm is enriched with litchi and castor oil. It helps heal chapped lips while protecting them from damage.

All the lip balms are enriched with 100% natural color, Vitamin E & antioxidants. They are also free from preservatives, petroleum jelly, mineral oil and silicone.

Price: Rs. 150 for 4.5 gm

New Himalaya Lip Balms: Strawberry, Peach & Litchi

Himalaya Body Lotions:  Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion &  Nourishing Body Lotion

One should always apply a body lotion, after bath, to damp skin as this helps lock in the moisture and it also absorbs quickly. My favourite body lotions to use in winters is the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion & the  Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion. Both of these lotions are packaged in a white opaque bottle with a flip open cap.

Best Affordable Body Lotions Dry Skin in India

For very dry skin, I love and recommend the Cocoa Butter Lotion as it has a thicker consistency which is hydrating, nourishing and repairs the skin. Even though it deeply moisturizes the skin, it does not feel heavy or greasy. The lotion is absorbed quickly and combats dryness like a boss. And don’t even get me started on the heavenly cocoa aroma!

Best Cocoa Butter Body Lotion for Dry Skin

The Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion on the other hand is perfect for those with dry to normal skin type. It is lighter in texture and is blended with winter cherry and aloe vera to keep your skin feeling soft, supple and toned. The lotion contains 100% herbal actives which restores the body’s water content to make it moisturized.

Both the lotions are natural, free of harmful chemicals and affordable. They are saviours for dry skin in winters and I highly recommend them.

Price: Rs. 130 for 200ml

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

Best Himalaya Products For Dry Skin

Another favourite product for winters, is the Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream. It is an all purpose, daily use cream is non greasy and light. It provides nourishment, hydration and protection during winters.

The cream is blended with the extracts of Aloe Vera, Winter Cherry, Indian Kino Tree and Indian Pennywort, which protect the skin from pollution and dry weather, providing nourishment and moisture. I love using this on my hands and feet besides the body as it really helps combat the dryness with making the skin greasy.

Price: Rs. 125 for 100 ml

So these were my top winter picks from Himalaya that I absolutely and recommend. All Himalaya products have natural or herbal derivatives and are free of chemicals. They are also easy on the pocket yet very effective.

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