My Nephew Does My Makeup!

Hey Guys!

While the lockdown was lifted awhile back, social distancing and staying at home is still very necessary. So I haven’t really been moving out and all I do is work and binge watch Netflix or Youtube. One of my favourite kinds of videos is watching makeup challenges. They are super entertaining and I always enjoy them. So I recently put up a poll on my Instagram page asking you guys to decide my next makeup challenge & most of you wanted me to do it with my nephew.

My Nephew Does My Makeup

Now, my nephew is just 5 years old and this fella is always so intrigued when I do my makeup and picks up on small things like how I dab my sponge, what eyeshadows I’m using etc. So I knew this is going to be a fun video but boy oh boy, I wasn’t prepared for this transformation. You can watch my nephew do my makeup below and trust me this is going to make you smile for sure!

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