Cute Box Braid Hairstyles + How To Make Them!

Big Braids Hairstyles: Cute Box Braids & Tutorial!

Braids have been trending majorly this year and you no more have to spend alot of money or time heat styling your hair and thereby damaging it to make it look stylish. Braids are fuss free, keep your hair in place and look oh so gorgeous. One of the big braids hairstyles trending for some time are box braids. Now what are box braids you ask? Chances are this is probably the first time you’re hearing of them but this braided hairstyle is insanely popular amongst black and African women.This is one style that suits every ethnicity and is sure worth experimenting with. Read on to know all about box braids and how to make them!

Box Braid Hairstyles: How To Make Them

Cute Box Braids + Big Box Braids Tutorial

So what are box braids? When you divide your hair into individual plaits in small squared off portions or boxes you get box braids. These braids are generally of any length or size as required or allowed by the amount of hair you use. But there is an option, you can choose to add some synthetic hair or natural hair to your braids for the kind of thickness you require. A great thing about box braids is that they are not braided along your scalp like cornrows and can be styled into many unique hairdos. Another thing to be mentioned here is that it seems that these braids take a bit of time to get done and also involve quite some hand movements but nevertheless, the result is very beautiful and long lasting. Watch this video below to know how to make box braids.

How to make box braids!

Like I mentioned earlier, box braids are made by sectioning the hair into individual boxes/squares one at a time. The size of boxes you want can vary depending on if you want small, medium or large box braids.
After the box is formed, the segment of the hair in the box is finely split into three equal subsections and you have to braid it all the way downward to the bottom part, just like a normal braid. Keep repeating this process until your entire top has been braided into individual braids.

How To Make Box Braids + Tutorial

Box braids have been around for quite sometime now and have been trending around the globe. You can be as experimental you want with box braid hairstyles and can style it up many ways. For instance, a box braid bun is the perfect elegant updo for an engagement party, formal dinner etc. Or you can just put it up in a pony which does not require much effort but looks effortlessly chic.

Big Braids Hairstyles: Cute Box Braids

Braided Updos: Box Braid Buns

Braided Updos: Big Braids Hairstyles

This is the most popular braided updo and an easy box braid hairstyle. The main benefit of box braid buns is the variety of options like high buns, loose or tight side buns with bangs, or gorgeous criss crossed buns. Beyoncé has been spotted many a time rocking her high box braid bun while out and about with her daughter and why not! This hairstyle keeps your hair in place without having to worry about it!

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Beyonce Box Braid Buns

Braided Updos: Box Braid Bun With Side Bangs

Cute Box Braid Hairstyles & Buns

Box Braid Ponytails

Once you’re done making your box braids, you can put it up in a high pony, or style the braids in side swept bangs along with a loose pony placed around your nape. Twisted box braid ponies look very classy and elegant as well.

Cute Box Braid Ponytail Tutorial

Big Braids Hairstyles: Cute Box Braids Twists Pony

Cute Box Braids: Twisted Big Side Braid

Box Braid Hairstyle: Half Up Do or Half Down

Box Braid half up dos are a great twist to elegant half hair up do and is bound to turn heads. This box braid hairstyle best suits medium to long hair length.

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Box Braid Half Updo

Box Braid Half Updo Hairstyle

Big Box Braid Hairstyles: How To Make Them

With or without extensions, box braids are fast becoming a great style statement and need nothing but only your desire to twist and form something spectacular for a long lasting period. All you got to do is invest some time and make it worth it. Indians usually shy away from such braids but trust me girls this style flatters everyone!

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